Planning permission, detailed plannning, property development, building coordination,
design, layout, text, digital photography, image editing, illustration, advertising, advertisement design, programming,
coordination, supervision, technical support.


I offer a vast experience in developing and planning of building projects, between 1989 and 1991 in South Germany and since 1991 in Berlin. Experienced in all stages of the design and building process, and with a portfolio ranging from family homes, rental and private property buildings to hotels, offices and industrial buildings.


We offer everything from a hand. From a complete corporate design for your company, to leaflets, brochures, posters, stationery, business cards, mailers, logos, illustrations, company signs, construction signs, banners, billboards and exhibition walls. We do everything you might think about!

Web Design

We deliver customized solutions that will stand out from the crowd of standard web pages. Therefore, we program the code for you individually and do not rely on templates or content management systems. We offer web sites, databases, maintenance of existing sites, supervision for your own maintenance, banner ads.


Picture agencies often can't provide the appropriate picture sets that are needed. Even after an intense inquiry and going through numerous databases. We are therefore working together with different photographers, any of them with his own distinctive style and expression.


Most of our illustrations are done very efficiently on the computer, but sometimes it simply has to be a lively brush. Therefore we scribble, draw, cut, paint and glue, we also like working by hand, if it fits with what we want to visualize.


But anyone can write lyrics, can't you? Well, yes ... but why do readers stop reading on so often then, when they find it too boring? So this is why we keep it short and concise.
We set a red guide line through your text by using suitable means to produce an informative and interesting style – customized for the specific purpose and suitable for your target audience.